Family Stories

Congratulations on the Albus Family Adoption

No better way to celebrate a Friday than an adoption! Happy adoption day to our sweet Albus family! It’s been a long two years but this moment makes every second worth it. God bless this beautiful family for their continued perseverance and unconditional love. Maddie Albus, you are extremely loved!…..

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Johnston Adoption Story: Olivia

This is a post made by one of the parents in the Johnston adoption of Olivia. The original post is here:  To me, fostering or adopting is simple. If a child is in need of a family and you can be a family- then you have your answer. I think adults…..

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The Lance Family

A little over 5 years ago I started looking for a foster/adoption placement agency. I began my search where many of us do… on the internet. I was searching for an option that was faith based, and family focused. I found FamilyLink. I have been very blessed to work with…..

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Lahmeyer Family

The foster care system in the United States has about 397,000 children. This number is overwhelming. It is the main reason my husband and I decided to foster instead of adopt internationally. The need in our home country is great. As I look back on the journey, I am amazed…..

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Beauty for ashes – Casey’s story

I am going to take you back in time to a darker place in my life; my life has contained three T’s Tragedy, Trials, and Triumph. I would l would like you to close your eyes and picture this… In a suburban town in a quiet neighborhood there was a…..

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